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gps lost at taylors

Mark has lost his wrist mounted gps

its a garmin forerunner probably the 310 model
lost at tayors

if you find it.

Mark Rutledge

or give it to RJ

RASP not broken

I know a few of you have noticed that the BLIP maps on RASP seem a bit odd. (i.e. blue squares around Flock Hill). The sounding for Flock Hill has also been wrong. Anyhow, I contacted Mats Henrikson who runs RASP and he knows about the issue. Apparently it is due to the NOAA data and physics model thinking the whole area is covered in Snow. Rest assured, everything will come right from Mid Oct onwards, when it finally thinks the snow has melted!

Paragliding Comp - New Caledonia

I received this from the guys in New Caledonia. When I visited two years ago they were outstanding hosts and flying in the mountains and on the coast was brilliant.

Hello Everybody,

We’re organising an international compétition in New Calédonia from the 10 to 18 of october 2015
New Caledonia Open will be on the FAI calendar and listed as a CAT2 event. A valid FAI sporting licence will be required and pilots will gain WPRS (World Pilot Ranking Scheme) points in this event

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