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Good Price For a First Glider

APCO Karma (DHV-1), 60-90kg

$900, however my new glider has arrived so reasonable offers considered

This glider has taken me many places; high over snow capped mountains in New Zealand, touched cloudbase in Australia, alone with the birds over the terraced fields of Nepal & soared the cliffs of India, yet still flies happily. This little glider's currently gracing the cover of the latest Airborn:

WOF check on 12.11.13 (I will update it again on the 12.11.14, or earlier if requested) & still plenty of porosity remaining (325s at 8.7.14).

All up weight range is 60-90kg, this is pilot weight plus all equipment (glider, harness, reserve etc.). An estimate is your body weight plus 15-20kg.

Condition is well loved, but sound; one small seam repair (done by my professional instructor) & a few lines replaced. Any questions feel free to ask.

Comes with APCO rucksack, packing bag & Manual.

Photos are up on Trademe, however if you want to make an offer, view, or test fly, contact me via this forum (as these are outside Trademe's rules)